Essential Skills for the EEOC Systemic Era: How to Use an Adverse Impact Calculator

When: 04-12-2013 | 12:00 p.m. (MDT)

For today’s in-house employment counsel and HR professionals, understanding how to detect “adverse impact” in the hiring and RIF selection process has become an ESSENTIAL SKILL. Since 2006, the EEOC has consistently reinforced its enforcement focus on neutral employment policies and practices that may adversely impact protected groups, such as hiring criteria, RFI decisions, and pre-employment tests. The EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan for 2012-2016 also emphasizes these systemic, adverse impact cases, which often involve lengthy investigations and likely prosecution. For that reason, employers must audit their hiring and RIF decision-making criteria to determine whether they cause adverse impact based on race, gender, national origin, age, and even disability.  

EEO Legal Solutions is delighted to team up with Biddle Consulting Group (BCGi) for this innovative, hands-on webinar.  BCGi’s Patrick Nooren, PhD– a leading national authority on adverse impact testing, test validation, and compensation discrimination—will guide you through two demonstrations on how to use BCGi’s free online adverse impact calculator ( to detect adverse impact in hiring and the RIF selection process.    Together, we’ll demystify complicated concepts like “systemic discrimination” and “adverse impact,” and show you how easy it is to ensure that your hiring and RIF selection processes remain legally compliant in the systemic era. 

The HR Certification Institute has awarded one (1) General HRCI credit for this webinar. 

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