Effective EEOC Position Statement Storytelling on a Time/Money Budget

When: 02-20-2013 | 12:00 p.m. (MST) to 1:00 p.m. (MST)

Here is the link to the February 20, 2013 recording of this webinar.


What makes an EEOC Position Statement “effective”–i.e., sufficiently convincing for an EEOC Investigator to quickly conclude that the employer treated the complaining employee fairly and then, to move on to the next EEOC charge in an ever-increasing pile?  Ultimately, simply convincing the EEOC to leave you alone should be every employer’s goal.

At BIGLAW, however, EEOC Position Statements can too often resemble massive $15,000 briefs, rife with exhibits and extensive legal citations that add cost without value.  In fact, to avoid expensive “solutions” to more minor EEOC problems, employers must understand the EEOC’s Priority Charge Handling Procedures (PCHP), its Strategic Enforcement Plan, and its drive to reduce its inventory of pending charges.  Armed with this understanding, employers can realize incredible cost savings by handling the EEOC administrative process themselves, instead of farming every EEOC charge out to outside counsel.  After all, referring every EEOC matter to outside counsel may be a “process,” it is certainly not a cost-effective STRATEGY.

This webinar will offer participants an effective “storytelling” model for drafting EEOC Position Statements, based upon the common themes that arise in employment discrimination litigation.  This model will also teach HR practitioners how to marshal evidence around these common themes, the first step in preparing an extremely effective Position Statement without reliance on outside counsel.

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