Seeking LGBTQ HR Practitioner to Co-present EEO Legal Solutions’ June, 2014 Webinar

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As many of you already know, EEO Legal Solutions offers one free, often-but-not-always HRCI-accredited monthly webinar to help prevent everyday workplace “people problems” from becoming legal ones.   In recognition of LGBTQ Awareness Month in June, our webinar on June 18, 2014 will focus on workplace LGBTQ issues, including discrimination/harassment prevention, FMLA compliance, and benefit administration.  This webinar is also timely for another reason:  next year, on January 1, 2015, Colorado’s HB-1136 will take effect, exposing Colorado employers to the same remedies, risks and costs of equal employment opportunity (EEO) claims of LGBTQ employees as any other protected group (e.g., race, gender, religion).   We want to help employers get ready and get it right, before violations occur.

 We also hope that this webinar will break down communication barriers, sensitize employers to common concerns, and foster greater understanding of how employers can support LGBTQ employees.  To accomplish that goal, we would like to partner with a LGBTQ HR practitioner who would be willing to share anecdotes, insights and tips to strengthen HR’s awareness of LGBTQ issues.  The time investment would be minimal, but the value to both the HR and LGBTQ communities could be great.  If you’re interested in participating, please reach out to Merrily Archer, EEO Legal Solutions at