We want to ensure that everyday workplace people problems never become legal ones.  And so, we COACH, not “counsel”: whereas counseling increases dependence on outside counsel to make basic workplace decisions, coaching strengthens employers’ internal resources, thereby decreasing future dependence on outside counsel.

Likewise, for the majority of low risk EEOC matters, we train and coach employers how to write extremely effective Position Statements with a minimum of attorney-time and how to achieve their goals in an EEOC mediation without counsel. With proper risk recognition and storytelling training, today’s HR professionals and in-house counsel can prepare EEOC Position Statements that work just as well as a $15,000 firm-prepared one. With proper training and a telephone “lifeline,” employers can participate quite effectively in an EEOC mediation without the wasted billable hours chit-chatting on the meter, especially when, with technology, help is a text message or phone call away.