Recording Available: Tech Solutions to EEOC Pregnancy Accommodation Problems

When: 09-24-2014 | 12:00 p.m. (Mountain)


In July, 2014, the EEOC issued new enforcement guidance on “pregnancy and related discrimination,” which creates additional accommodation obligations for employers.  Perhaps for that reason, numerous Biglaw outfits have publicly challenged the EEOC’s guidance as, among others, exceeding its statutory mandate, lacking statutory basis and contradicting the majority of judicial circuits to consider these issues.  Unfortunately, HR practitioners are stuck in the middle, struggling to reconcile and administer competing legal views in everyday leave, hiring, termination, and reasonable accommodation decisions.

This webinar will candidly address the EEOC’s new enforcement guidance, pointing out where the EEOC’s “interpretation” oversteps actual judicial precedent and agency authority.  More importantly, however, we will also offer practical solutions about how to ensure accountability and enforce performance standards while accommodating pregnancy and related conditions in the workplace.   With a legally conservative, creative, and technologically-based approach, the EEOC’s new guidance on pregnancy discrimination—extrajudicial as it may be—need not undermine operations and performance objectives.

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