EEOC Mediations Unveiled: How Employers Can Negotiate More Effectively

When: 12-18-2013 | 12:00 p.m. (MST)


In its most recent performance/accountability report, the EEOC stated that its historic collections from employers ($365.4m) show that it is “enforcing the law more effectively.”  The EEOC then characterized its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program as “fabulously success” and a “wonderful opportunity to settle.”  Indeed, “fabulously successful” likely means that the EEOC’s ADR program has proven fabulously successful at collecting money from employers, regardless of charge merits.

Drawing on the lessons of EEO Legal Solutions’ on-going EEOC Mediation Survey, this webinar will explore what EEOC mediators say behind closed doors to make employers pay.   We will then conduct some “reality testing” around these common representations, neutralizing their power to scare employers into unnecessarily high settlements.  This webinar will also familiarize participants with the EEOC’s mediation process, ultimately empowering them to handle their organization’s mediations with confidence and without over-reliance on outside counsel.

EEO Legal Solutions will offer this FREE webinar again in February, 2014 through BLR/HR Hero,, which charges over $200 per registration.  As a gift to EEO Legal Solutions’ clients, friends, and webinar regulars, we wanted to share this webinar with you free of charge.  We will also record the webinar, share the link, and upload it to our new YouTube channel, the Small Employer Education Network (SEEN).  We hope you can join us!

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