D-I-Y Mediations: Getting What You Want without a Big Legal Bill

When: 03-20-2013 | 12:00 p.m. (MST)

In many cases, but certainly not always, EEOC mediation makes sense: it can enable employers to resolve risky personnel decisions early in the process, before attorneys’ fees mushroom.  This lively webinar will offer participants an effective strategy for handling EEOC mediations, particularly without overreliance on outside employment counsel.  With “coaching” and “lifelines,” HR professionals and in-house counsel can realize incredible cost savings by managing their own EEOC mediations.   We will discuss certain benefits of participating in the EEOC’s mediation program, as well as common pitfalls and snags.  Ultimately, participants will gain insight into the EEOC’s mediation process as a whole and a straightforward approach for making them work in their favor.

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