Recording Available! Building Model Workplaces for LGBTQ Employees

When: 06-25-2014 | 12:00 pm MDT


Here is the link to the FREE recorded webinar, Beyond Compliance: Building Model Workplaces for GLBTQ Employees featuring Courtney Gray of Colorado’s GLBT Center and Brent Houchin, Senior Employee Relations Manager at Denver Health.  This webinar received amazing participant reviews!


In celebration of LGBTQ Awareness Month, EEO Legal Solutions is teaming up with Brent Houchin, Senior Employee Relations Specialist at Denver Health, and Courtney Gray, Transgender Programs Manager at the GLBT Center of Colorado, for this FREE, interactive 90-minute webinar on June 25, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. (MDT).   We’ll address basic legal compliance–e.g., discrimination/harassment prevention, FMLA compliance, reasonable accommodations, and benefit administration—to help employers get it right before violations (and heartache) occur.

But we have higher aspirations than mere legal compliance; rather, we aim to furnish employers with the tools they need to build model workplaces for LGBTQ employees.  Most employers now understand that building model workplaces for LGBTQ employees boils down to attracting and retaining top talent.  Thus, this webinar will sensitize employers to common workplace problems facing GLBTQ employees and offer practical preventive solutions. We’ll also discuss “best practices” for supporting transitioning and transgender employees, who too often find that coming out means losing their job.   Finally, in hopes of further breaking down communication barriers, this webinar will include a moderated Q & A session for substantive questions.

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