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About EEO Legal Solutions

EEO Legal Solutions, LLC offers expert, creative, and cost-effective solutions for managing the burgeoning risk of workplace EEO disputes.   EEO Legal Solutions empowers HR leaders and in-house counsel to triage the EEOC charges and to handle in-house lower risk matters historically referred to outside counsel.  For higher risk EEO matters (e.g., systemic, multi-plaintiff, ADA), EEO Legal Solutions specializes in “lean litigation,” minimizing the legal entourage, overhead, and inefficiencies that cause unduly expensive solutions to comparatively minor legal problems.  For example, EEO Legal Solutions recently won EEOC v. Picture People, an aggressive EEOC ADA prosecution, with one attorney and minimal legal support, thereby proving that even the most serious EEOC matters do not require an entourage of lawyers.   With smarter risk evaluation and claims management, EEO Legal Solutions seeks to ensure that employers CAN still afford to defend themselves against frivolous EEO claims and an emboldened, better-funded, and increasingly partisan EEOC.

About EEO Legal Solutions’ Founder, Merrily Archer, Esq., M.S.W.

Merrily began her legal career as Trial Attorney for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Denver, Colorado. In 2000, Merrily rededicated her career to helping employers avoid the certain hassle and expense of EEO litigation through development of strong preventive infrastructure; timely, accurate liability analysis; early dispute resolution techniques; and when necessary, “lean litigation.” Merrily worked at BIGLAW defense firms and national workplace law boutiques for 12 years, until finally accepting that her unique and cost-effective approach does not work well under a law firm billing model. In 2012, therefore, Merrily launched EEO Legal Solutions, LLC, which coaches and empowers HR professionals and in-house counsel to strategically triage EEO risk, refer to outside counsel only high risk and specially targeted EEOC matters (e.g., systemic, ADA, ADEA RIF’s), and handle in-house lower risk charges to dodge paying for expensive solutions to comparatively minor problems.

Merrily earned her Master’s in Social Work and law degrees, with honors, at Washington University in St. Louis. She is a past winner of Denver Business Journal’s Forty under 40 award, a recognized SuperLawyer in Employment Litigation Defense, and a recently inaugurated finalist in Law in the 2012 Denver PowerBook. She has published several articles and is a much-requested presenter on EEO issues for regional and national HR and trade organizations such as SHRM, CHRA, BAHRA, CAPLAW, BLR, the Colorado Bar Association and the EEOC Training Institute.

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