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About EEO Legal Solutions

EEO Legal Solutions is a small litigation boutique dedicated to advancing equal employment opportunity for ALL.

About EEO Legal Solutions’ Founder, Merrily Archer, Esq., M.S.W.

Merrily began her legal career as Trial Attorney for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Denver, Colorado. In 2000, disillusioned with the EEOC, Merrily rededicated her career to helping employers avoid the certain hassle and expense of EEO litigation through development of strong preventive infrastructure; timely, accurate liability analysis; early dispute resolution techniques; and when necessary, “lean litigation.” Merrily worked at BIGLAW defense firms and national workplace law boutiques for 12 years, until finally accepting that her surgical approach wins cases, but does not yield big billable hours–i.e., the currency in Biglaw billing models that elevate the BILLED attorneys over the SKILLED ones.  In 2012, therefore, Merrily launched EEO Legal Solutions, LLC, intending to limit her practice to working with EMPLOYERS, EPL Carriers, and HR Executives. To that end, Merrily spun off in 2015 to provide a cost-effective online training solution for employers.

But then, times changed. The election of Donald J. Trump caused a seismic shift in employment law policy and in the treatment of historically disadvantaged workers–e.g., women, LGBTQ people, Latinos(as), religious and ethnic minorities. Indeed, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that the number of hate groups and hate crimes has spiked since the November, 2016 election.  And the tremors of this seismic shift have certainly reached the WORKPLACE.  Worse, budgetary cuts have deeply wounded the EEOC, an agency that never was terrible effective in the first place. Because most trial lawyers have focused on TERMINATION cases since passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1991, few cases have directly challenged discrimination in HIRING. Likewise, given the current patchwork of state protections, few cases have successfully challenged Colorado’s prohibition against LGBT discrimination, ranging from “intolerance terminations” and harassment to discriminatory hiring practices.

Thus, EEO Legal Solutions has changed with the times, and is actively seeking opportunities to prosecute workplace discrimination in HIRING and against LGBTQ workers, women, and religious/ethnic “minorities.”  Merrily realized that the time had come to apply her tools as a social worker and as a “ninja litigator” to fight HATE and the forces that perpetuate discrimination.

Merrily earned her Master’s in Social Work and law degrees, with honors, at Washington University in St. Louis. She is a past winner of Denver Business Journal’s Forty under 40 award, a recognized SuperLawyer in Employment Litigation Defense, and a recently inaugurated finalist in Law in the 2012 Denver PowerBook. She has published several articles and is a much-requested presenter on EEO issues for regional and national HR and trade organizations such as SHRM, CHRA, BAHRA, CAPLAW, BLR, the Colorado Bar Association and the EEOC Training Institute.

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