Investigating to WIN: A Multi-disciplinary Approach

When: 06-19-2013 | 12:00 p.m. (MDT)


In workplace discrimination and harassment litigation, successful litigation outcomes often start with an effective in-house investigation.  By contrast, weak, perfunctory, and overly scripted investigations can squander opportunities to accurately asses risk and to gather critical evidence supportive of common defense themes.  When investigating discrimination, harassment, or retaliation allegations, investigators must not only understand WHAT to look for, but also HOW to structure fact-gathering and interviews in a manner that facilitates the flow of reliable information.  Effective investigations require, therefore, (1) a fund of knowledge about what facts are legally relevant; and perhaps even more important (2) tools and tricks for establishing rapport, phrasing critical questions, ensuring mutual understanding, detecting inconsistency and mendacity, and preparing investigation reports.

EEO Legal Solutions’ founder Merrily Archer, Esq., M.S.W. will draw on lessons from both the social work and litigation fields to share effective practices for conducting workplace discrimination and harassment investigations.  As Merrily will explain, techniques borrowed from counseling psychology can prove invaluable in workplace investigations, often yielding legally relevant and reliable information upon which successful litigation outcomes depend. 

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